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Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari - Volume -2
A preface to this short essay is relevant. It was delivered in lecture-form on the July 1933 at Bellary.

It does not pretend to be an exhaustive survey. In fact, several problems of utmost metaphysical importance have been left out. The nature of the external world of objects has not been considered at all. The goal of man has been taken to be the only consideration. It is that that distinguishes the East from the West, religion from mere philosophy. The present essay is a thorough-going attempt to view the several systems of Vedanta as forming a synthetic movement of Spirit. The author refuses to view the several systems as steps in the ladder to the Absolute’s Heaven. It is rather the other way about. To hold that Dvaita and Visistadvaita are less real, less intuitive and less true than the edifying doctrine of Absolute Advaita is a very unsatisfactory way of explanation. The theory of Lila, has not been paid any attention to by any of these schools. In brushing aside this supreme problem of creative history of the Divine, they have thoroughly and irremediably ruled out a very considerable portion of the life of Spirit. It is high time that this problem is faced and dealt with in a distinctive manner. The essay is a preliminary effort in that direction.

The author takes this opportunity to pay his humble tribute to all thinkers, past and present, who have inspired him to live the life of Spirit. He is most beholden to Sri Aurobindo Ghose whose writings suggested to him the supreme mystery of Lila. He also makes this the occasion to discharge his deep debt of gratitude to Dr. A.G. Hogg and Prof. P.N.Srinivasacharya, who had guided him in his philosophical studies. May they accept this work, however meagre, faulty and trifling.